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Please tell me whose socks those are, I love them.


So hi there, I’m Spanish John. Or just Spanish for short. I am the ONLY Spanish John out there, anyone else who CLAIMS to be me, well they’re just posers.

Well here’s a little info about me for you. Y’know, first-post business.

Name: Spanish John
Age: 15, sophomore in high-school
Area: Southeastern Wisconsin, US
And I am a polyromantic asexual.

Now you’re probably like, “pfft what the hell is that?” And that’s why I’m here. To educate you on asexuality so that, maybe, just maybe, we could feel a little safer knowing that people aren’t so ignorant about us. I mean, look at this atrocity. Asexual women are raped because the guy thinks “all they need is a good rape” and they’ll be “cured“. It’s fucking horrible. People look at you and ask you “what’s wrong with you” or “if you try sex it won’t be so bad”. But that’s just the thing: some of us have tried it. And we felt absolutely nothing. We’ll never really know what it’s like. It’s impossible. It’s exactly like telling a gay man to go fuck a woman and like it (and I mean honestly like it, not just “oh yeah, it had its moments, I guess”). It’s like telling a prep to like math. It’s just not right.

And look at this (as well as the 3~4 posts below it). Sometimes, we don’t even know who to trust.

Asexuality, under many definitions, is quite basically “the lack of a sex drive or sexual attraction”. But that doesn’t mean some of us don’t ever want to have a relationship with someone. Some still have romantic feelings for people. There are many different subcategories of asexuality, which really is a broad term. Here are a few main ones:

Aromantic – Those who don’t have any romantic feelings towards anyone
Heteroromantic – Romantic feelings towards the opposite sex
Homoromantic – Romantic feelings towards the same sex
Biromantic – Feelings for both genders
Polyromantic – Feelings for those of any gender; almost the same as biromantic, but that implies that there are only two genders

There are others, but that’s basically it.

In an asexual’s relationship, typically they could go up to everything but sex. However, it all depends on the asexual’s preference. If they’re the type to make out, they tend to make out. If they’re the type to hug and whatnot, they tend to do that. Or they can prefer no contact at all. Just talking and such is fine with them. Like a friend you’ve got a huge crush on but you haven’t (or have) told them.

Well, I think that’s all for today, I’ll see you next Monday. =]

“Asexuality and  asexual reproduction are two separate things.”

“Aces are people too.”



  1. Actually, biromantic can be done in a way that does not erase non-binaries. I’ve seen where the person is attracted to men and women, but not non-binaries.

  2. Also, welcome to the blogosphere! It’s great getting more aces on here. I am grey-ace but rarely blog on it.

  3. Ah, thanks, man!

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